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What are eyelash extensions? 

Eyelash extensions are single synthetic lashes applied directly to the natural lash, close to (but not touching) the lash line with a semi-permanent bonding adhesive. A single extension is applied to a single lash, leaving the eyelashes and eyelids to move freely. They are applied carefully, one by one using specially designed tweezers. The whole process normally takes 1 – 2 hours (maximum) depending on how many lashes are applied. Once the eyelash extensions are applied, they are natural looking and eliminate the need to wear mascara.

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness & thickness of natural eyelashes. Extensions may be made from different materials and come in many different lengths and thicknesses. 

The eyelash extensions used at High Brow Studio are available in both silk or synthetic lashes.
Size and curl availability ranges which will be decided and agreed upon with your technician on the day to suit individual needs. Everyone has different lashes, and depending on the condition of your own natural lashes, lash experts can only go a certain length or thickness. (This is to ensure that your own lashes remain healthy.)

What you should do before your eyelash extension appointment? 

Wear no mascara, and have clean lashes using a mild-oil free cleanser. Do not use oil based makeup remover prior to the eyelash application. Clean lashes increase the bonding power of the lash glue resulting in longer lasting lash extensions.
Plan to set aside 11⁄4 - 2 hours (maximum) for your initial appointment. 

Do not have your eyelashes permed – it is not possible to apply extensions on lashes which have been permed within the last 3 months, as often the extensions will not bond correctly and have to potential to cause damage to weakened permed lashes.

Classic lashes VS 3D Volume lashes

Classic Lashes (also known as ‘individual eyelash extensions’) have been around for years now. Classics were the original method of a single false lash being glued onto a  single natural lash. The ultimate lash aim for a flawless natural look is to have every single natural lash attached to a false lash in order to achieve that ‘full’ look.
3D Volume Lashes, as the name suggests, have the ability to create much more volume to your set of lashes (three times the amount of lashes!). Volume lashes are more versatile than classic lashes in a sense of achieving either a natural or glam look. They have a more fluffy and full appearance and 3D refers to how many lashes are attached to each one individual lash.

How long will my eyelash extensions last if I follow the proper care instructions? 

In some cases, eyelash extensions can last up to 4-6 weeks. However, it is common to get a touch up after 2 - 3 weeks.
The eyelash extensions fall out with your natural lash cycle – which is 6-8 weeks, so very gradually – just a few here and there as new baby lashes come through. After 2 or 3 weeks you will start seeing little gaps where the old ones have fallen, and new ones are coming through – so at this point it’s a good time to get infills, so your lashes always look nice and full.
Fact: on average we lose between 2-5 natural lashes per day

Do Lash extensions damage my natural lashes? 

No. The biggest myth is that lash extensions ruin your own lashes. When extensions are applied correctly they will not harm your natural lashes; each lash extension is adhered to one single natural lash, the extension will grow out naturally as your own lash matures. The eyelash adhesive is formulated to create a solid bond, specifically for lashes. The adhesive dries very soft on the lashes, allowing the lashes to stay flexible and bouncy just like your own lashes. 

Proper home care of your lash extensions, advised to you by your lash technician, is important to get the most out of your lashes and prevent any damage caused by rubbing or pulling off lash extensions.

Please do not attempt to remove your lashes yourself; please seek assistance from your eyelash technician if you wish to have them removed. High Brow Studio will not be held liable for any damage that you may cause by trying to remove your eyelash extensions on your own. 

Is having eyelash extensions applied painful?

No. I am often asked ‘are eyelash extensions painful?’ and the answer is no – not if applied properly! The eyelash extensions are applied directly to the eyelash, so there is no contact with the skin. It may feel a little unusual the first time, but once you get used to it, it should be so comfortable that you may drift off to sleep! High Brow uses high quality relatively fume free glue, which does not burn or sting, unlike cheaper products. People with extremely sensitive eyes or sinus problems may get some watering and slight stinging at the end, but this subsides within seconds.

Can I wear eye makeup with my eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can. Eyeliner and eye shadow are fine – you just need to be a little gentle. We don’t recommend that you apply mascara to your eyelash extensions, as this can cause them to clump together and may contain oils that weaken the adhesive bond on your eyelash extensions, so they will not last as long. If you are intent on wearing mascara, High Brow stocks Max2 Volume mascara made specifically for use on eyelash extensions. 

**heavy mascara usage is not recommended – we may not be able to infill your extensions if there is too much mascara coating the lashes, and may need to apply a new set**

What about removing eye makeup?

You must use an OIL FREE makeup remover, as oil based removers will damage the adhesive and could make the eyelash extensions fall off prematurely. It is still very important to maintain clean lashes for hygiene and retention reasons, make sure your cleanser/makeup remover is oil free & you are gentle, I find 'cleansing brushes' or an eyeshadow is ideal for getting in-between the extensions.

Can I swim/shower/ get my eyelash extensions wet?

Yes. In fact this is one of the best things about eyelash extensions – you will have pretty eyes ALL the time – when you wake up, straight out of the shower, out of the pool. Just don’t rub them or use detergents or oily soaps and they will last a long time.

I have had bad extensions applied somewhere else and would like them removed and some new ones put on – is this possible?

In most cases, yes – but if you have had particularly bad extensions done somewhere else (particularly overseas) we cannot absolutely guarantee that we will be able to remove them or apply new ones immediately. It depends on how bad a state your lashes are in. If there is an awful lot of glue and many lashes fused together, it can take some time to remove the extensions gently. If the bad extensions have irritated or infected your eyes/eyelids High Brow Studio reserves the right not to perform the procedure, and may refer you to initially seek medical advice.
Contact Sheena to discuss having them removed prior to booking your treatment.

Infills are reserved for clients of High Brow Studio only. 

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